Weight Loss – made simple for anyone

Weight Loss – made simple for anyone

Losing weight does not – I repeat, DOES NOT – have to be hard, painful, boring, expensive or worse, impossible!

Quick Weight Loss Diets

Quick weight loss really depends on your definition of “quick”. Weight gains of 5 kgs/10 pounds, or more, typically take weeks, months or even years. In the same way, weight loss is going to take some time. 

That said, there are definitely ways to slim down fast. Health4 coaching will teach you how to do this once and for all – so you never have to worry about your weight again. So whether you are looking to slim down your waist all your whole body, you have come to the right place for fast weight loss.

Quick weight loss plans will work if you work them. 

Best Diet Plans for Weight Loss

Is it a Keto plan, high protein/low carb, Paleo plan, low fat/high protein? There is no shortage of diet plans, meal rules or experts out there. 

But the quick and more accurate answer to this is eat real food! You know if you are living off junk food, pizzas, cookies and frozen meals, you are going to stay in weight loss struggle city. Sorry to be so blunt but you already know this. If you want to know the best weight loss diets, watch what skinny people are eating. And how they are eating. And what they are doing when they aren’t eating. There are a lot of clues there about what quick weight loss plans look like in reality 😉

The thing with diet plans is that they are only effective while you are following the plan. When you got back to your regular eating habits, you lose all the gains (losses!) you made. Most dieters go back to their original weight and more. Over the years, they end up far heavier than they were the first time they went on a restricted diet. This is not good news and it is not good for our health system. 

Health4 makes the most of nutrition so you can eat well, enjoy what you eat and live a healthy life. This will improve your immune system, help you to sleep better, help you to manage anxiety or stress – not just lose weight fast!

Nutrition for Weight Loss

If you are serious about starting your Weight Loss Journey, we will create a Blueprint which will give you a personalised nutrition plan for weight loss. We all have foods we like, dislike or can stomach in small doses. Your peronalised blueprint takes all this into account. 

Health4 coaching educates clients on getting real nutrition from food – protein foods for weight loss for example, even protein powder for weight loss will help you on your way. Because the best nutrition for weight loss is only the best if it is the best for YOU.

Contact us today for your $47 Blueprint.

What is the Best Exercise for Weight Loss?

Exercise that you do regularly and to the best of your ability is going to help you lose weight. It won’t happen overnight but it will get you there faster than if you didn’t exercise. The average person who is largely inactive, or moderately so can start an exercise plan for weight loss or exercise plan to slim down right now. Today!. Anyone can start from where they are and use exercise and fitness to lose weight fast. 

Humans are built for exercise and movement. Our bodies are agile and capable of such a wide variety of physical moves and endurance. The average person doesn’t even begin to tap into what our bodies can do

Be aware that being active is not the same thing as exercise. Mowing the lawn, vaccuming the house or dusting the house are healthier than sitting on the couch watching Netflix but they do not build muscles or take your body to the level it is built for.

Mindset for Weight Loss

Losing weight is not rocket science. It is practicing simple health principles consistently. Anyone can do it but they have to really want to. The thinking that got you to the weight you are now, is the thinking that will keep you there. Weight loss starts in your head. Get your Mindset right and you will quickly lose weight, feel great, slim down and be living the healthier life you want.

Our Health 4 coach can help you get there faster by working with you on the mindset that got you to where you are now, and moving you towards the future self you long to be. 

Sleeve Gastric Surgery – a word of caution

If you are overweight enough and can afford it, sleeve gastric surgery is a relatively quick weight loss solution. But is almost never comes with nutrition coaching or mindset training. Many patients return to their starting weight over the course of a few years because although their stomach is much smaller, their habits and thinking hasn’t changed. The thinking that got them to wanting gastric surgery in the first place, can easily get them back there again. Not to mention the pain the surgery leaves them with, and the inability to enjoy food the way it should be enjoyed and appreciated! Sleeve gastric surgery is definitely a way to slim down fast but it is not recommended unless the patient is going to commit to nutrition education and a lifestyle change that incorporates fitness and health as a holistic solution.

Weight Loss for Anyone – Pricing

So yes! Health 4 coaching and fast weight loss is readily available and suitable for anyone. Contact us today to get started on your journey. 

We have 3 levels of Coaching. All are personalised for each individual:

Blueprint – setting up the basics for you to work with $47

Monthly coaching with daily email support – full nutrition for weight loss plan $197

3 month Health & Weight Loss package – 3 support calls (30-45 minutes each), unlimited email support, full nutrition and exercise plan $497

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