Let Food Be Thy Medicine – when eating right is a matter of survival

Let Food Be Thy Medicine – when eating right is a matter of survival

If more people understood that the food they put in their mouth is actually toxic to their body, they would think twice about some of the junk they eat. Unfortunately though, marketers have used their wizadry to make many harmful and toxic products appealing and tantalising.

For example, if you KNEW without a doubt in the world, that drinking ARSENIC was harmful to your body, you wouldn’t drink it, right?

What if the ARSENIC was packaged in a convenient container with all your favourite colours on? And priced just right?

The truth is, arsenic is actually in many every day foods as well as in our groundwater and most of us are consuming it without even knowing, and to the detriment of our health.


Food is there for our pleasure. It provides more than just energy and it can make you healthier, or it can make you sick. Largely this depends on what you eat, and often even more so on what you don’t eat. A diet that is made up mostly of real foods can prevent chronic illness, heart disease, pre-diabetes, obesity and many cancers. Some foods even have sufficient medicinal value to reverse disease.

This INFO is real, people! Pay attention.



The regular ingestion of arsenic and other toxins is why incorporating regular detox principles into your daily routines is imperative for good health. My clients all shift unwanted weight AND feel so much better when they follow my unique daily detox principles.

It is not only arsenic that is in our foods. Common foods such as sugar, dairy or wheat may be adding to the toxic load your liver and system have to counteract.

Food as Medicine

Thankfully, REAL food can go a long way to making you healthier, stronger, and more able to survive the effects of various poisons you encounter. Those who live in cities, or close to cities, have many more poisons to deal with than those who live in the country where the air is cleaner and life has a different pace.

The vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables contain essential helpers to good health. 

For example, when you have a cold, you can either reach for a pack of Vitamin C tablets, or you can feast on Vitamin C rich foods. We commonly think of oranges when someone says Vitamin C, but tomatoes, kiwi fruits, guavas and bell peppers are also rich in this highly valuable nutrient.

Fiber is Nature’s laxative and it works every time. In fact, we should all be eating fiber every day, not just in the case of constipation. Fiber rich foods include pears, avocados, broccoli and beans.

Headaches can be soothed by consuming filtered water, brown rice, bananas and cashews.

Depression can be kept at bay by eating more naturally provided anti-depressants found in foods such as beans, nuts and leafy vegetables. Antioxidants which are an important part of my Detox plan, are also important for brain health which in turn, helps with mental illness such as depression.

For almost every ailment, there is a food that can fix it! Just think back to the days before pharmaceuticals were readily available. People HAD to use the fruits of the land to cure themselves.

Where Medications Go Bad

It is very sad that the 21st Century has us reaching for bottles and tablets instead of food as medicine, because every medication has side effects. For example, common medication for asthma which is used by millions of asthma sufferers every day for decades, can lead to adrenal issues. (That right there is the real reason I learned more about nutrition and became a health coach to help others too.)

In the United States alone, more than 12 million people are misdiagnosed every year and given the INCORRECT medication! So not only are they pumping foreign gunk into their bodies, but their real health issue is being left neglected, untreated, and potentially getting worse.

The Cost of Medication

There is a cost to our health when we pop pills or take medication in other forms. Side effects are a big part of that. Many anti-depressants also make their users tired or drowsy. I am NOT by any means saying stop taking your medication! However, if there is a way to feel better through eating better foods and reducing the consumption of certain foods, then that is the path to wellness that I advocate.

Australians spend over $9 billion a year on medicinal products. That is huge! If that could even be halved by better putting food to the task of healing us, that would be an enormous step in the right direction. In the United States, this figure is estimated to be approximatley $1,200 per person, close to $400 billion annually. While there is no doubt that medications have become essential to keeping some people alive, if there is any way you can relook at your situation, I would urge you to talk to your health practitioner, carer or even me, about that.

(Be aware though that pharmaceutical marketing may mean that health practioners are often biased and may be receiving income, funded trips or other “kick backs” from prescribing certain doctor-only medications. Don’t hesitate to ask your Doctor to let you know if he or she is benefitting financially or in any other way from the prescription being written up for you.)


Nature has provided so many wonderful foods that are readily available in our global society! These foods are delicious and nutritious, and your body knows exactly how to get everything you need to get you healthy and keep you there.

Our health can be compromised by:

Not detoxing our systems from regular poisons.
Eating low quality foods.
Taking medication unnecessarily where food could be used for medicinal purposes instead.

Our health can be improved by:

Incorporating regular detox principles into every day routines.
Eating high quality, natural foods.
Using produce and foods to ease symptoms, reverse disease, and in place of medications.

This article is just a very brief insight into what foods can do for our health and to reverse disease or reduce symptoms. Book a Discovery Session with me any time to learn more.

To your best health!

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