Inflammation is a sign that the body is reacting, or overreacting, to something it doesn’t like. Sufferers will be eager to soothe the symptoms and effects of inflammation but this will only be temporary until the root cause of the inflammation is addressed.

Foods that commonly trigger inflammation include processed meats, sugar, excessive alcohol, wheat and dairy. If you can stay off these completely for 10 days, you may quickly be able to address your inflammation issue. You may even be able to slowly reintroduce small amounts of wheat and dairy to your diet if you really want to. The truth is, we can easily live without these foods making a regular appearance in our diet.

The Immune System

Inflammation is the response of your body’s immune system to injuries or anything harmful that enters your body.

Immune cells quickly react to the damaged area to fix the problem. 

Whilst inflammation is an amazing defence mechanism, your body struggles to cope with having to be in defence mode all the time.

Inflammation can be dealt with by removing the cause but this is often not easy to identify.

The 10 day elimination diet can definitely help. Boosting your immune system during this time is essential to help your body cope while it is “under attack”. 

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