Weight Loss & Health Coach


My name is Stacy. Welcome to my Health4 site! I suffered with asthma and allergies most of my life. I was a fat teenager and have had ups and downs with my health (who hasn’t?). These issues led me to studying Nutrition Coaching so that I could live a healthier life. Now it is my mission to help others discover the simple ways that can do the same for them.


Being healthier or losing weight doesn’t have to be hard, painful or even expensive. On the other hand, NOT being healthy or being overweight can cost you so much more than just your medications, shakes or anything else you need to get by. It can cost your life. My mission is to help people move in the right direction so they can stop just existing and really start living.


My goal is to help every day people just like you to move towards better health, having a better body, being stronger and/or losing weight. It can be fun, easy and even happen much faster than you might think! I have transformed the health and lives of many people on their weight loss journeys and I am here to do the same for you!

So let’s get started today!


Founder of Health 4 The 21st Century