5 Ways to Lose Belly Fat

5 Ways to Lose Belly Fat

The Lowdown on Belly Fat

Belly fat is easy to target. That’s the good news!

The problem with belly fat is not only that it doesn’t look or feel great. It is actually one of the major indicators of an increased risk of heart disease. Now, you may think heart disease doesn’t run in your family so you’re okay – but belly fat could cause YOU to be the first one in your family to suffer from coronary risks.

The Risks

Belly fat is actually an indication that the organs in your body have fat around them. It is easy to understand that this is not a good thing. It makes it hard for your organs to do their respective jobs properly, and for each organ to get the vital compounds they need in order to stay healthy – and keep you alive!

Belly fat is linked not only to coronary risks, but also to pre-diabetes, diabetes and several cancers (breast cancer and colorectal for example) and even dementia.

Belly fat is definitely something to tackle as soon as possible if you care about your health and living longer for yourself and your loved ones.

5 Ways to Lose Belly Fat

Unfortunately it isn’t going to happen overnight and it is going to take some effort. Sure there are pills and concoctions you can take and some will even speed up the process but either way, losing belly fat is up to you.

1. Foods to eat and drink MORE of to lose belly fat fast:

Fiber, plant-based protein, fatty fish, probiotics, green tea, vegetables and fruits, filtered water.

2. Foods to eat and drink LESS of to lose belly fat fast:

Any drink or food that has total sugar of 10g or more per hundred, fruit juice and sodas, alcohol especially beer, wine and sugary alcopops, refined carbohydrates.

3. Healthy habits to help you lose belly fat fast:

Eat only when you are hungry, then eat until you are 80% full (imagine you are leaving room for dessert except you aren’t).

Categorize the food you are considering eating – is it going to improve your belly fat or add to it? If you are unsure, don’t touch it!  If it is made by man, that is one of the first clues that you should leave it. Mother Nature has provided an absolute FEAST of foods for us to choose from. Those are the foods that will kiss your belly fat bye bye. If it is man made, that means it is processed. Not only is it no longer a natural food supply, but it is most likely pumped full of sodium and other garbage. That stuff sticks to belly fat and also reduces the quality of your overall health.

4. Exercise to lose belly fat fast:

Surprisingly, some people with belly fat actually exercise at a high level. It is likely these people don’t eat right for their body so sadly their exercise keeps them fit but it doesn’t keep them healthy.

Whatever your current level of activity is, move more. Incorporate strength training to build muscle and also cardio to make your heart stronger and burn some of that fat away.

Exercise for at least 30 minutes at a time, that is the absolute bare minimum. 60 minutes will reduce belly fat much faster. Here’s a quick guideline to exercising in the fat burning zone.

To get started, subtract your age from 220, then calculate 70% and 80% of that.

For example, it will look like this for a 40 year old:

220 subtract 40 = 180

70% of 180 = 126 heart beats per minute

80% of 180 = 144 heart beats per minute

For a 40 year old, the fat burning zone will therefore be when their heart rate is between 126 and 144 beats per minute. You can use a heart rate monitor or a watch with heart rate monitoring capability, or you can test your pulse at your wrist every 5 minutes or so.

Your body will burn stored fat when you exercise in this zone. That’s a sure-fire recipe for success.

That said, if you go harder and your heart rate exceeds 80%, you will not undo any fat burning potential! In fact, your body will learn to use stored fat for energy at various intensities of exercise above your 70% zone. The fat burning zone is a great place to start, especially for people who do not already exercise regularly.

5. Less Stress to lose belly fat fast:

It may seem unfair if you feel you are eating well and exercising but if you are stressed, that can still cause fat to be stored around your belly area. This happens when the adrenal glands produce cortisol, which is the stress hormone. The release of cortisol is a double whammy – it increases appetite and also increases the tendency towards abdominal fat storage. Belly fat.

More good news – there are many ways to reduce stress no matter how stressful your life is. A simple walk in nature can do wonders, as can a few deep, slow breaths. Other less passive ways to reduce stress are participating in any sport you enjoy (as long as you play for fun and are not going to be too competitive!), getting stuck into a hobby or one of my favourites, taking some time out with young children or animals.

Are you serious about losing belly fat?

So all up, tackling belly fat is not complicated. It comes down to getting serious about making some changes to what you eat and drink, what you don’t eat and drink, and your lifestyle habits.

If you are serious, here is a quick summary. Follow this 90% or more every day and you will quickly lose weight, be healthier and live longer!

  • Eat protein and vegetables at every meal.
  • Include healthy fats at most meals.
  • Eat a small amount of unrefined carbs and only within one hour of exercise.
  • Exercise to the point of sweating or breathlessness at 4-5 times each week.
  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep each night.


Losing belly fat is a process. Figure out what needs to be done, what that looks for you, and get started today from wherever you are in your health journey.

Comment below if there is any clarification I can help with. Or contact me for Private Coaching to get you there faster. Results guaranteed!

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To your good health!

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