4 Weeks to a Healthier, Happier You in 2021

The next 28 days can transform your life completely! 

Learning how to be motivated and how to deal with any challenge is one of the first steps in building a sustainable, healthier lifestyle. 

Knowing what YOUR body needs and how it responds to foods is another crucial step in building a healthy way of living that will work for YOU. 

No two people are the same. Our bodies don’t always work the same way other people’s bodies work. So getting to know your body better could be all you need to finally lose weight, gain energy and start living life on your terms.

Week 1: Motivation, Mental Mastery

Get your mind on board because your mind controls you!

Your own personalised hypnosis recording after an in-depth investigation to target the root of your health struggles and set you up to become a fat burning machine day and night.   


Week 2: Nutrition, Lifestyle Integration, Daily Detox

How to turn food into your weight loss friend.

Foods to cleanse your body and speed up weight loss. Foods to nourish and energise you, reverse disease, prevent disease, and leave you feeling better than ever.


The impact of water, sleep and stress on the Health Journey.

Week 3:  Strategies to set you up for on-going success.

Dealing with cravings, addictions, socialising, travel and other challenges you may face.

Using Cognitive Behavioural Techniquies (CBT) and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) to anchor in your success – today and forever.

Week 4: Building on a solid foundation.

Investigating what works for you, and what doesn’t. 

Strategising ways to improve your health and your life so that weight loss is easy and for good.

Every day foods to NEVER eat (and we are not talking candy, soda or icecream).


80+ Plant-Based Weight Loss & Superfoods


Exercising for maximum effect in minimum time.


Personalised meal plans and Recipe ideas for you.

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