3 Steps to Fast Weight Loss – that’s permanent

3 Steps to Fast Weight Loss – that’s permanent

3 Steps to Fast Weight Loss – that you can keep off forever

There is more to life than dieting or not dieting. One day you’re on a new diet, the next you are miserable because you failed again. Look again, and you weigh even more than you did before the diet. More than you weighed a year ago.

And then you do it all again next week, next month, next year. You spend your time thumbing through magazines or browsing online searching for the promise of a new body in just 14 days, how you can lose 10 pounds in 7 days, or get a beach-ready body in 28 days.
STOP! If it sounds too good to be true, that’s because it IS.

Stop Yo-Yo-dieting for good

Without dieting, you have so much more mental and physical energy to enjoy life, to give to your loved ones and to give to your career. YOU become much more when you can take your focus off dieting and what you can or can’t eat. Finally, you can focus on other things in life! Finally, you can have the life you have dreamed of.

No one wants to live on a weigh loss hamster wheel. I have seen far too many friends do this. One friend dieted on and off for 20 years and in that time, she gained 20 kilograms. Every year she began to look more and more like her short, plump mother, exactly what she promised herself she would never allow to happen. It is sad but there are millions, maybe even billions, of people stuck in that cycle. It is exhausting and soul-destroying, unhealthy, unproductive, a waste of money and POINTLESS!

Why would you do that to yourself when there is a much easier way? I am passionate about helping people get out of the dieting rut and towards a real life of reaching weigh loss goals and keeping them easily, feeling better, looking better, and having fun while they do it.

Step 1

The first step to fast weigh loss that will stay off forever is to stop dieting. That’s right. Dieting can make you sick if it limits the foods you can eat, and it can cause mental anguish because you feel like you have failed if you can’t stick to it. You also feel like a failure if you do your best to stick to it but still don’t lose weigh. That is NOT where you want to be. It is NOT what you deserve from life! Oh no, you deserve nothing but the best. All the fun, joy and happiness life has to offer. When you are focused on dieting and your body, it is easy not to even notice all the good stuff going on around you. If you do notice it, you may be too miserable to want to participate in it.

All that can stop right now.

Step 2

Change your perspective. Instead of seeing food as a means to an end, food that you either can or can’t eat, look at the benefits food gives us.

The only purpose of foods is for our SURVIVAL buy maybe you have never thought of it that way. If you look at food in terms of cravings, quick fixes or in categories of what is good for you or what isn’t, you have totally missed the point of food.

Foods provide our physical bodies with the building blocks needed to keep us alive. Without getting right into it, no one can survive more than a few days or a few weeks without food. We know that, right? But the diet of the 21st Century is not much better. It can keep us alive for years but not in a way that is healthy or sustainable. Our modern diet keeps us alive but it also makes us sick, overweight, and living a sub par life.

Step 3

Decide that you are going to do things differently.

Weight loss is a mental game first. When you know what you want and why you want it, your mind will lead the way to your weigh loss. MINDSET is a key piece in the weigh loss and health journey.

Have you ever stopped to notice that your body doesn’t move without a thought from your mind first? A simple example: you know you need to check the mailbox. Nothing happens until your mind makes the decision to make your body get up and go do that.

Mind leads, body follows. An interesting concept, right?

When you recruit your mind to help you on the weigh loss journey, half the battle is already won! Get your mind involved in your weigh loss project by thinking and seeing the answers to these questions in your mind’s eye:

WHY do you want to lose weigh?

HOW will your body feel when you have lost weigh?

HOW will you feel about having lost weigh?

WHAT will others think of your weigh loss?

WHAT will you be able to do when you have lost weigh that you can’t do now?

There really is only one way to lose weigh

It starts in your head and you will know when the time has come. There is never any better day than today to start your last step of the weigh loss journey. That’s right. Waiting until tomorrow, or Monday is just going to set yourself up for failure yet again.

When you know why you want to lose weigh and how your life is going to look different – LOOK BETTER – you are ready to begin. I am so excited for you because I know how much better life is going to be and that your better life is just a stone’s throw away. Your better life is just around the corner.

You are so worth it and now there is only one way forward. When you get started and start feeling better almost immediately you may have just one regret. That will be that you didn’t start sooner!


To your enormous weight loss SUCCESS!

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